American Old Time Song Lyrics: 29 I've A Little Yaller Watch

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 29

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Copyright, 1888, by Jos. A Prosser.
Words and Music by Joe. A. Prosser.

Two weeks ago last Saturday, shure I recieved a letter
Frum me brother Barney, who thaught he cud do betther
Be cuming t' America an' lave his frinds behind.
He thaught that here we did no wurk, but all our munnie find.
He axed me if I'd mate him-uv coorse, shure I consinted,
An' off t' Castle Garden me way I quickly wint it,
Au' whiu we met, I grabbed hia hand, him I was glad V see.
Thin Barney he tuck me aside, an' this he sed t' me:

"I've a little yaller watch in me vest pocket;
But I've made me mind up that I'll go an' hock It.
So thin wid it goes th' chain, an' also goes th' locket.
But I go wid ye, Tom, an' we will have a spree."

So thin t'gether we both wint t' Simpson's, there t' pon it.
Look was in his favur, he got tin dollars on it.
We stharted off t' Brannigan's, for him he'd like t' see.
While there we got so bilin' dhrunk, begor, we couldn't see.
Thin Barney got excited, an' began t' abuse me,
An' officer he came 'long, thin Barney did a'cuse me
Uv stalin "watch an' chain an' locket-fright near killed me dead;
Nex' day befure a police judge I swure that Barney said:-Chorus.

Shure Barney heard all that was tould, an' knew he was outwitted;
He lied t' his Honor, faith he quickly admitted,
Sez he: "I beg yer pardon, sur, if rung shure I have dunu.
Fur I thaught in this counthry th' people lived for fun;
But if it's rung to do it, ye'll find that I'll kape frum it.
So now thin, plaze, yer Honor, I'm sorry that I dunn it;
It's me furst day in this counthry, plaze judge don't kape me in.'
His Honor scratched his ould bald pate, an' answered wid a grin:

"Ye'd a little yaller watch in yer vest-pocket.
But ye wur not satisfied 'till ye'd go an hock it.
So thin wid it wint th' chain " au' also wint th' locket,
But, Barney, ye go t' th' pennitentiary."
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