American Old Time Song Lyrics: 29 Dot Vife Of Mine

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 29

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Written and Recited by Lester Howard.

Dot vife of mine, dot vife of mine,
She boders mine life out all der time.
She slaps mine nose und pulls mine face,
Und knocks mine cars all out of blace.
She drives me of my own house out,
Und makes me wander der night about,
Till ven morning comes, mit a dove-like smile,
I am coaxed back to my domicile
By dot vife of mine.

Dot vife of mine, dot vife of mine,
Ven I goes to der tavern in der evening time,
I sits me down in mine easy chair,
Und eats mine Limburger und drinks mine beer,
Ven in she comes, mit an old broom-stick,
Und hurries me home on der double-quick,
Vile der people all look and laugh and stare,
Und wonders who wears der britches dere,
Me or dot vife of mine.

Dot vife of mine, dot vife of mine,
She wakes me up in der midnight time,
Und tells me a pain in her stomach she's got,
Und vants me to make her a viskey hot.
I goes down shtairs in my cold shirt-tail,
Und shkins my shins on der bucket-pail,
Drying to make viskey hot in a coffee-pot
For dot vife of mine.

Dot vife of mine, dot vife of mine,
Ven ever will come der happy dime,
Ven on dis mortal earth her breath
Forever shall be stopp'd mit death.
No more I wonder and shtare und see
Der leetle shtars she make for me,
Den I shall be so happy und free
From dot voman of mine.
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