American Old Time Song Lyrics: 28 Tim Macarthys Daughter

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 28

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Written and Composed by E. W. Rogers.

Tim McCarthy gave a party, invitations he sent out
To two or three dozens of big-headed cousins,
To tall and short and thin and stout;
Mrs. Tim the room did trim, and candle-greased the floor so well
That half of the dancers fell down in the lancers
And hurt their ----- I'm afraid to tell;
How they banged at the door, in they came with a roar-
Oh, such a teasing, a squeezing and sneezing,
Tim Brannigan walked on the chests of a score;
Oh, 'twas death to tall hats, coats got used up as mats.
Till they were in with the struggle and din,
You'd have thought you were out in the yard with the cats.

Oh, 'twas a rare, fine, swell, grand, aristocratic affair.
With dukes and earls and nice young girls, and everybody was there;
Never was seen in the land of the green such a set-out. you- can swear,
As the coming of age of Tim Macarthy's daughter.

When the girls, all scent and curls, had undergone a few repairs,
They heard a great tussle Miss Finnerty's bustle
The dog had gripped upon the stairs;
Captain Foy, the stout old boy, while dancing on the stairs for joy,
Fell through on his "crumpet" and yelled like a trumpet:
"I'm wrecked entirely, ship ahoy!"
Then the dancing began, girls all looked for a man;
Oh, such a heat and a treading on feet,
Well, the devil may beat such a dance if he can;
How the ladies did flop, how the corks they did pop;
Winking and blinking and thinking and drinking,
Bedad! you'd have thought that they never would stop.-Chorus.

Barney Doolin had been foolin' all the night with Miss Maguire,
When in came young Jerry, her lover from Kerry,
And pitched poor Doolin on the fire;
In the room some boys with sticks for hours had talked on politics,
And, hearing the row, said: "Come on wid ye now,
And we'll teach yez all some fightin' tricks!"
Off came coats by the pile, they went at it in style.
Buttons were bursting, shillelaghs were thirsting
To crack in a head, or, at least, shift a tile;
Every man made his mark, ne'er was seen such a lark.
Till some great villain, who didn't want killing,
Extinguished the lights And left all in the dark.-Chorus.

All the ladies shrieked with fear, but when the boys their sides got near,
And tenderly placed a right arm round each waist,
They said: "Isn't the darkness nicer oh, dear!"
Something smack'd and tho' each Miss when lights were bro't soon told us this.
They'd snapped a gold ear-ring, yet still I am fearing
The snap was nothing but a kiss;
When the fighting was done, then we did have some fun,
boys lost their pains, readjusted their brains;
If they'd broken one leg, sure they danced upon one:
Though for weeks they were sore, each man fervently swore;
Never, oh, never did anyone ever see
Such an affair as Macarthy's before.-Chorus.
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