American Old Time Song Lyrics: 28 Brennen On The Moor

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 28

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It's of a fearless Irishman a long story I shall tell;
His name is Willie Brennen, in Ireland be did dwell;
It was on the Calvert Mountains he commenced his hellish career,
Where many a wealthy gentleman before him shook with fear.

Brennen on the moor, Brennen on the moor.
Bold and undaunted, stood Brennen on the moor.

A brace of loaded pistols he carried with him each day;
He never robbed a poor man upon the Queen's highway:
For what he'd taken from the rich, like Turpin and black Bess,
He always did divide it with the widows in distress.-Chorus.

One night he robbed an Irishman by the name of Juler Bawn,
They traveled on together till the day began to dawn;
The Juler found his money gone, likewise his watch and chain.
He at once encountered him and robbed him back again.-Chorus.

When Willie found the packman was as good a man as he,
He took him on the highway his companion for to be;
The Juler threw away his pack without any more delay,
And he proved a faithful comrade amidst his Agnus-dei.-Chorus.

One day upon the highway, as Willie he sat down.
he met the Mayor of Cashil a mile outside of the town;
The Mayor he knew his features-I think, young man, said he.
That your name is Willie Brennen, you must come along with me. -Chorus.

Willie's wife, she being in town provisions for to buy.
When she saw her Willie she began to weep and cry;
I wish he handed me the temperers: as soon as Willie spoke,
She handed him a blunderbuss from underneath her cloak. Chorus.

It's with this loaded blunderbuss, the truth I will unfold.
He made the Mayor to tremble and robbed him of his gold;
One hundred pounds he offered for his apprehension there.
And he, with horse and saddle, to the mountains then repaired.-Chorus.

Willie, being an outlaw upon the mountain high,
With cavalry and infantry to take him they did try;
He laughed at them with scorn, until at length did say:
Ah! a false-hearted young woman did basely me betray.-Chorus.

In the County of Tipperary, in a place called Clonmore.
Brennen and his comrade was made to suffer sore;
He lay amongst the briars, that grew thiok upon the fields.
And he received nine wounds before that he would yield. -Chorus.

They were taken prisoners, In irons they were bound,
Conveyed to Clonmell jail, and strong walls did them surround;
The jury found them guilty, the judge made this reply:
For robbing on the Queen's highway, you're both condemned to die. -Cho.

Farewell unto my wife, and you my children three!
And you my aged father, that may shed tears for me!
And you my loving mother, tore her gray locks and cried:
It were better, Willie Brennen, in your cradle Agall Chigh!- Chorus.
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