American Old Time Song Lyrics: 27 The Charcoal Man

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 27

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By J. T. Trowbridge.

Though rudely blows the wintry blast,
And sifting snows fall white and fast,
Mark Haley drives along the street,
Perched high upon his wagon seat;
His somber face the storm defies,
And thus from morn till eve he cries:
"Charco'! charco'!"
While echo faint and far replies:
"Hark, O! hark, O!"
"Charco'! "- " Hark, O! " -Such cheery sounds
Attend him on his daily rounds.

The dust begrimes his ancient hat;
His coat is darker far than that;
'Tis odd to see his sooty form,
All speckled with the feathery storm,
Yet in his honest bosom lies
No spot nor speck-though still he cries:
"Charco'! charco'!"
And many a roguish lad replies:
"Ark, ho! ark, ho!"
"Charco'!" - "Ark, ho!" -Such various sounds
Announce Mark Haley's morning rounds.

Thus all the cold and wintry day
He labors much for little pay;
Yet feels no less of happiness
Than many a richer man, I guess,
When through the shades of eve he spies
The light of his own home, And cries:
"Charco'! charco'!"
And Martha from the door replies:
"Mark, ho! Mark, ho!"
"Charco'!" - "Mark, ho!" -Such joy abounds
When he has closed his daily rounds.

The hearth is warm, the fire is bright;
And while his hand, washed clean And white,
Holds Martha's tender hand once more,
His glowing face bends fondly o'er
The crib wherein his darling lies,
And in a coaxing tone he cries:
"Charco'! charco'!"
And baby with a laugh replies:
"Ah, go! ah, go!"
"Charco'! " - " Ah, go! " -While at the sounds
The mother's heart with gladness bounds.

then honored be the charcoal-man,
Though dusky as an "African.
'Tis not for you, that chance to be
A little better clad than he,
His honest manhood to despise,
Although from morn till eve he cries:
"Charco'! charco'!"
While mocking echo still replies:
"Hark. O! hark, O!"
"Charco'! " -Hark, O! " -Long may the sounds
Proclaim Mark Haley's daily rounds.
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