American Old Time Song Lyrics: 27 So Was Mine

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 27

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Copyright, 1890, by Harding Brothers.
Words and Music by M. Cavanagh

Says Jones to me last night, we'll go and have a good old spree--
Before we start the game, old man, let's have a bite, said he;
We went into a restaurant that happened to be near.
The waiter brought us chops for two, says Jones mine's rather queer.

So was mine, so was mine, so was mine,
The flavor it was something extra fine;
Jones' chop was simply awful, I found out when I'd a jawful.
So was mine, so was mine, so was mine.

We went into a concert-hall, two lovely girls we met-
A blonde caught Jones' fancy, I was mashed on a brunette;
We ordered cham' and drank away until the clock struck one.
And after they had said "ta-ta," Jones found his watch was gone.

So was mine, so was mine, so was mine,
The way they touched us up was something fine;
Jones' watch and chain and locket had departed from his pocket.
So had mine, so had mine, so had mine.

To soothe our feelings with a drink we stopped in a cafe,
The girls had taken our cash and for the booze we could not pay.
The man behind the bar said here that trick's too old, 'twon't do,
And when he'd got done thumping Jones, his eyes were black and blue.

So was mine, so was mine, so was mine,
As a slugger he was something extra fine;
Jones' eyes and nose were turning to the deepest shade of mourning,
So was mine, so was mine, so was mine.

We got upon our feet somehow and hollered for a cop-
The one who answered said he'd find a way to make us stop;
Jones stood upon his rights and said an inch he would not budge,
The next thing I remembered we were up before the judge.
Spoken-I remember the judge saying: "Here again, eh? Well, Jones, your
sentence this time will be three months," And

So was mine, so was mine, so was mine.
Although we thought we'd get off with a fine;
Jones' cell for all this Summer will be shared by some old bummer,
So will mine, so will mine, so will mine.
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