American Old Time Song Lyrics: 27 I Think So, Don't You

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 27

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(C) 1888 W. J. Rostetter.
A song on topics set to rhyme
Is popular most any time;
I think so, don't you?
To speak of matters that you know
Is always sure to he a go;
I think So, don't you?
The things we see and those we hear
When in a song quite bright appear,
And what is very common place
In verse takes on another face;
I think so. don't you'.'

A kiss is just the sweetest thing
That any maiden's lips can sing;
I think so, don't you?
There's not a woman but is pleased
To have a kiss and then he squeezed;
I think so don't you?
Hugging and Kissing are the rage
In every land at every age;
The old and young alike agree
It is the same with you and me;
I think so, don't you?

The young men in this city are
The nicest I have seen, by far;
I think so, don't you?
They sit here in the nearest rows,
Quite picturesque in nobby clothes;
I think so, don't you?
Now I've the chance, I want to say,
It is not flattery I pay.
They're just as sweet as they can he!
Don t laugh, for you can plainly see;
I think so, don't you?

When winter nights are long and bright,
The sleigh ride brings a wild delight;
I think so don't you?
It makes us merry, bright and gay,
And every one I know, will say-
I think so, don't you?
In crispy air our faces glow,
And as we cross the crested snow,
The pleasure has a double charm
When your escort drives with but one arm;
I think so, don't you?

Our senses all the brighter shine
To greet a glass of-sparkling wine;
I' think so, don't you?
It gives to life a double zest,
And puts all nature at her best;
I think so, don't you?
To some it leaves a crimson stain,
While others say it causes pain;
But thousands want it filled again;
I think so, don't you?

In poker we could take a hand.
And on "a call "make quite a stand;
I think so, don't you?
And though defeat might cause a Mush.
We're always, pleased to hold "a flush " ;

I think so, don't you?
We like to see a play-house packet],
We like to see a deck well stacked;
A "full house" pleases just the same
As if we held it in the game;
I think so, don't you?

A dozen times, or more, each day
We're apt to one another say;
I think so, 'don't you?
Coincidences rich and rare
Are thrust upon us unaware;
I think so, don't you?
To say the least, it's very queer
How strange these incidents appear;
A red haired maiden in the Street
A white horse you are sure to meet;
I think so, don't you?
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