American Old Time Song Lyrics: 27 He Got It Again

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 27

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Copyright 1890 Spaulding & Kordner.

Of a lover And his lady sweet
I now will sing to you,
The lady she was constant,
And the lover he was true,
But her papa did not like him,
So he kicked with all his might,
And the lover he was foolish.
For he stood and tried to tight.

Then he got it again, by jingo,
In a spot where it caused him most pain,
Then he started to scoot.
But the old fellow's boot
Shot away, and he got it again.

Now a friend of mine he drank so much
He often has the shakes;
He very nearly murdered me
One day he had the snakes;
He went off to the doctor.
And the pledge took for a year.
But he found he couldn't keep it,
And he soon was drinking beer.

Now he's got em again, by jingo,
For the whiskey it drove him insane;
Every night he gets up.
Chasing devils and pups,
And his wife knows he's got em again.

Now the other day my watch I took
From where I had it pawned.
And proudly I did stroll around
From dusk till early dawn;
In a faro-bank I rambled,
And I betted rather free
I lost, and, with my watch,
I went my uncle for to see.

Now he's got it again, by jingo,
In his keeping twill have to remain,
For I lost all my checks.
And this spot on my neck
Is the place where I got it again.

Of a dizzy actor now I'll tell.
Who thought he was a star:
He started for the country towns
To play in "Paul Kanvar."
But the hayseeds wouldn't have it,
For they bounced him from the stage,
And the landlord that he owed for board
Went for him in a rage.

Then he got it again, by jingo,
And for mercy he pleaded in vain;
From the hotel he slunk,
But they kept his big trunk,
And I don't think he'll get it again.

Now I know a lovely lady
Who had sued for a divorce,
And when she had secured it.
Why. I married her of course,
But she often did repent it,
And just here the other day
Her other hubby happened
For to come across her way.

Now he's got her again, by jingo.
But the parting it gives nic no pain,
For she's giddy you see,
And he's richer than me,
And I don't think I want her again.

Not many moons ago, you know,
The public thought John L.
Would be an easy mark to lick-
He wasn't feeling well;
So Kilrain started for him
With sly old Fox's belt,
But Sully Won the trophy back
With a hard and heavy welt.

Now he's got it again, by jingo,
In his keeping 'tis bound to remain;
Yes. the Champion belt
Sully still retains yet.
And I don't think " he'll lose it again.

Of another favorite now I speak,
A man you all admire,
Who often showed his manly pluck
And courage when desired;
I'm speaking of Jack Dempsey,
Who has fallen rather low,
And lost his reputation by an unexpected blow,
But he'll get it again, by jingo.

He'll get it again, by Jingo,
For the best in his class he remains,
And if Geo. La Blanche
Giv him one other chance.
He will prove he can get it again.
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