American Old Time Song Lyrics: 24 Let Me Shake The Hand That Shook The Hand Of Sullivan

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 24

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Let Me Shake the Hand that Shook the Hand of Sullivan.
Copyright, 1889, by Benj. W. Hitchcock.
Words and Music by M. H. Rosenfeld.

The Bradys and O'Gradys, ye may talk about them all,
The Laceys and Caseys from Bombay to Donegal;
I'd like to find another man that's fit to breath the air
Wid Sullivan, the gintleman from good old county Clare.
It's him that's aisy wid the girls and solid wid the men,
And whin the whiskey jug goes round can drink enough for ten;
If any man does know him here, I don't care who's the man,
Let me shake the hand that shook the hand of Sullivan.

He's the pride of the ward, happy as a lord,
He's got a reputation like a man;
Arrah, good luck to yez all, let's have another ball,
Let me shake the hand that shook the hand of Sullivan.

He wears a hat the stoyle of that they wore in 'ninety-eight,
Wid whiskers thin foreninst his chin which makes him look so swate
A black-thorn stick widin, his fist, he's swinging night and day,
He houlds it there, the boys declare, to keep the girls away.
The widdy Dolan had a raffle for a stove one night,
He danced until the tin roof tumbled in and raised a fight;
To settle all the damages he stepped up like a man,
Let me shake the hand that shook the hand of Sullivan.-Chorus

The bootblacks on the corner they all wait to catch his eye,
It's "good-day, Mishter Sullivan, " as he goes walkin' by;
He wears a rose as big as any turnip on his coat,
A stand-up collar half-mast high, and big enough to vote.
The tons av coal he gave away would fill the river up,
And when he drinks it's "come me b'ys and have another sup;"
He has me vote for president way down to alderman,
Let me shake the hand that shook the hand of Sullivan.-CHO
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