American Old Time Song Lyrics: 24 Hanki Panki

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 24

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I once had lots of cash, but now
I wished some one would lend it;
I thought I'd go and travel,
And found that the way to spend it.
I've been to the North, I've been to the East,
But now I'm a repiner;
You must know that all my trouble's caused
Thro' a girl I brought from China.

But now do tell me true,
Have you seen my Hanki Panki?
Fo fum choke em chum,
Ta-pi-o-ca, sago, gum!

In the city of Nankin, 'twas there
Lived Hanki Panki's father,
He used to keep a barber shop,
And Hanki did the lather.
I used to let her lather me,
Ah! none could do it finer;
She could speak broken English, too,
Whilst I spoke broken China.
Spoken-And so our love began.-Chorus.

Sweet Hanki's eyes were very small,
Her mouth-ah! well-no matter;
Her finger nails six inches long,
Her nose could not be flatter;
'Twas not her beauty that I loved,
The feeling I felt was finer,
I thought at home how grand 'twould look
To have a wife from China.
Spoken-But where is she now? echo answers-Chorus.

She bid good-bye to Nankin,
And she bid good-bye to lather,
And left the chin shop business
To her ugly long tailed father.
I brought my love across the sea
In hopes to cut a shine, ah!
But now I'm much inclined to wish
She'd never come from China.
Spoken-For she's gone from my gaze like a beautiful-Chorus.

One day there came a Chinaman
A begging at the door, sirs,
She saw him, screamed, then ran away,
I've never seen her more, sirs;
But the Chinaman he calls each day,
And kicks up such a shine, ah!
He vows he'll be the death of me
For bringing her from China.
Spoken-She turned out to be the Chinaman's wife! I was as
innocent as a sucking pig, but-Chorus.

My intentions were honorable,
And no one could be kinder,
But Hanki's husband says that I
Shall die if I don't find her;
So pity me I hope you will,
For dreadful troubles mine are;
I shall have to find my Chinese love
And take her back to China.

Spoken-For the Chinaman threatens me daily with his Hukaboo, Ningpo, Hanki Panki, chop-chop, chow-chow, Pekoe, Bohea and Souchong, to say nothing of his gunpowder.-Chorus.
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