American Old Time Song Lyrics: 24 Down Went Mcginty

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 24

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Copyright, 1889, by Spaulding & Kornder.
As sung by Sheridan and Flynn.

Last Sunday morning at nine, Dan McGinty, dressed so fine.
Was looking at a very high stone wall;
When along came Pat McCann. says he: I'll bet you five dollars, Dan,
I can carry you to the top without a fall.
On his back he got poor Dan, to climb up the ladder be began,
Until he very nearly reached the top;
But before he'd lose his five, as sure as you're alive,
Let go his hold, not thinking of the drop.

Down went McGinty to the bottom of the wall.
Although he won his five, he was more dead than alive;
With kicks and bruises on his face from such a terrible fall.
Dressed in his best Sunday clothes.

To the hospital they took him. for dead the doctors booked him,
But McGinty gave the doctors a surprise;
Then he began to shout: Say, you blackguards let me out
Although his head was twice its natural size.
To see his wife and child, with joy he near went wild,
He walked along as proud as John, the great;
On the sidewalk was a hole, to receive a ton of coal,
McGinty never saw until too late.

Down went McGinty to the bottom of the hole.
The driver of the cart gave the ton of coal a start;
We were an hour and a half digging McGinty from under the coal,
Dressed in his best Sunday clothes.

When they dug McGinty out, for vengeance he did shout,
The driver of the cart then he spied;
He nicked up half a brick and hit him such a lick
That it raised a carbuncle on his eye.
He then raised such a fuss that the cops got in the muss,
They arrested McGinty for being very drunk;
Next morning the judge did say, no fine you'll have to pay,
Six months you'll sleep upon a prison bunk.

Down went McGinty to the bottom of the jail,
He stayed exactly six, his board it cost him nix;
Six long months, for nobody went his bail,
Dressed in his best Sunday clothes.

When the half year was up they let McGinty out,
He dressed himself as he did in days of yore;
But judging his surprise, he could scarcely believe his eyes,
When he heard his wife had skipped the day before.
To lose his wife and child, with grief he near went wild.
To drown himself he went down on the shore;
And foolishly jumped in, knowing--- well he could not swim,
For water Dan had never took before.

Down went McGinty to the bottom of the sea.
They haven't found him yet, for the water it was wet:
They say that McGinty's ghost haunts the docks at the break of day.
Dressed in his best Sunday clothes.
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