American Old Time Song Lyrics: 23 Whoa, Emma

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 23

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I took my girl one day
A sailing down the bay,
And Emma was the darling creature's name;
While standing on the pier.
Some chaps at her did leer,
And one and all around her did exclaim:

Whoa, Emma! whoa, Emma!
Emma, you put me in quite a dilemma!
Oh, Emma! whoa, Emma!
That's what I hear wherever I go.

I asked them "what they meant?"
When some one at me sent
An egg which nearly struck me in the eye;
The girl began to scream,
Saving, "Fred, what does this mean?"
I asked again and this was their reply:-Chorus.

I thought they'd never cease,
So shouted out, "Police!"
And when he came he looked at me so sly;
The crowd they then me chaffed,
And said, "I must be daft,"
And once again they all commenced to cry:-Chorus.

An old man said to me,
"Young man, can't you see
The joke? " and I looked at him with surprise:
He said, "Don't be put out,
It's a saying got about,"
And then their voices seemed to rend the skies.-Chorus.

Some Girls Do, and Some Girls Don't.
. As sung by Wallace Foy.

Of all the strangest girls on earth,
I think my girl's the one;
You know she has peculiar ways,
And quite devoid of fun.
She never sees a joke of mine,
Whenever humor flows,
But gives me a disdainful look,
And quite turns up her nose.

Spoken.-Some girls like a little joke, you know, but mine
don't, she turns her nose up at it, I think she works on the same
principle as this, [turning up nose with finger.]

Some girls do, and some girls don't.
Some girls will but my girl won't;
I tried very hard to see if she would,
She said she really couldn't,
And I don't think she could.

I took my love to see the play,
As other fellahs do;
And thought that she'd enjoy herself,
She cried the whole night through.
And when we reached the street again,
Some oysters I proposed;
But she said, "No, net me, young man!"
Still turning up her nose

Spoken.-Up it went again at three dozen of the best Dutch
natives, just think of that. To see a girl turn up her nose at two
pence a time, I said: Well, my love, if you won't have any supper,
we will have a cab and go home. " She said: "No, young man,
no four-wheel cabs for me at this time of night. " -Chorus.

We met one Sunday afternoon,
For a day at Greenwich Park;
And when we mounted "One-tree Hill,"
We had, well, say a lark.
Georgiana said. "You know, young man,
Some girls prefer a stroll;
Not me. when I'm in Greenwich Park
I dearly love a roll."

Spoken.-Now there's an extraordinary girl for you; of course
wanted to take her for a nice quiet lover's walk in some shady
lane, but she said she'd prefer a roll. Then I wanted to talk to
her of love, romance and poetry, but no, she said she'd rather
have a good dinner. Well,-Chorus.

Not long ago my uncle died
And left me fifty pounds,
As soon as I received the news,
My joy it knew no bounds.
I thought, well, I will marry now,
So I at once proposed;
! But when I mentioned the amount,
Up went her lovely nose.

Spoken.-The bad girl said she ought to have five hundred
with such a man as me, I thought she would have jumped at me,
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