American Old Time Song Lyrics: 23 The Travelling Man From Boston

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 23

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The Travelling Man From Boston.
Written and composed by James McAvoy.

It makes no difference where you go
You'll full across somebody you know,
Wherever you be you'll always see
A travelling man from Boston.
You'll surely know He's from the "Hub,
For pork and beans he's on the grub,
You couldn't face him with a club,
This travelling man from Boston.
He travels all over the country,
From Portland, Maine to Santa Fe,
From Winnepeg to New Orleans,
From New Orleans to Bowling Green,
From Bowling Green to Buffalo,
From Buffalo to Oswego,
From Oswego to Albany,
From Albany to Kankakee,
From Kankakee to Omaha,
From Omaha to Arkansas,
From Arkansas to Kalamazoo,
From Kalamazoo to Tuscaloo,
From Tuscaloo to Saganaw,
From Saganaw to Walkasliaw,
From Walkatskaw to Niagara Falls,
From Niagara Falls to Montreal,
From Montreal to Burlington,
From Burlington to Washington,

From Washington to Baltimore,
From Baltimore to Haverstraw,
From Haverstraw to Syracuse,
From Syracuse to Santa Croix,
From Santa Croix to Birmingham,
From Birmingham to Amsterdam,
From Amsterdam to Windsor Locks,
From Windsor Locks to Little Rock,
From Little Rock to Logansport,
From Logansport to Wallingsford,
From Wallingsford to Meriden,
From Meriden to Brooklyn,
From Brooklyn to Louisville,
From Louisville to Bunker Hill,
From Bunker Hill to Hackensack,
From Hackensack to Kulamazack,
From Kalamazack he went away,
He got to Philadelphia,
From Phila. he started on the go,
From there he took the B. & O.,
He landed out in Indianopolis,
Took the train to Minneapolis,
From Minneapolis to Keokuk,
From Keokuk to Naugaluck,
From Naugatuck to Chattanooga,
From Chattanooga to Saratoga,
From Saratoga to Morrisinia,
From Morrisinia to Allegheny
From Allegheny to Pensacola,
From Pensacola to Cappitalla,
From Cappitalla to Marinett, ®
From Marinett to Juliet,
From Juliet he took a steer
To Boston town he loved so dear,
Because he couldn't stay away
He said he'd be there New Year's Day,
About a week ago he was seen

In company with a gang of fiends, They were wading into pork and beans With the travelling man from Boston.
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