American Old Time Song Lyrics: 22 Good Bye, Dearest Heart

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 22

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Copyright. 1888, by Willis Woodward & Co.
Words and Music by Henry J. Sayers.

A sailor and his colleen fair
Stood on the Queenstown quay;
His good ship lay by, ready
To sail far o'er the sea.
A wave of sorrow swept her heart.
And low she drooped her head,
And as he held her to his breast,
These farewell words she said:

Good-bye, dear heart, now we must part,
We part, perhaps forever;
But naught our hearts can sever,
Ah! good-bye, dearest heart.

Now we must part,
And as over the world you are roving,
God keep you from harm, all danger disarm,
That may threaten the lad I am loving;
And bring you safe home to these arras again.
To the girl you leave by the sea,
Who'll be waiting for you, with love fond and true,
Hasten home to your country and me.-Chorus.

Long years had passed, no tidings came
Of him she loved so well,
Her weary heart was heavy
With pain, no tongue could tell;
"Oh, God, " she cried in pity, "send
My darling back to me!
But her only answer was
This echo from the sea:-Chorus.
As sung by Conway A McLeod, with great success.
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The girl I love is Kate Magee,
And her one night I went to see,
But there was no admittance for me,
Unless by the back yard.
So I quickly climbed up o'er the fence,
When a terrible growling did commence,
And Magee's dog, Touser, seized my trouser,
Which made Magee laugh.

Now I pulled, Touser pulled,
Touser got the best of it,
And we both pulled together.
And the pull was mighty hard.
I got the front away,
Touser got the rest of it,
And I left my seat of honor in
Magee's back yard.

At last my Sunday pants gave way,
And I flew off in sad dismay,
But I'll remember from that day
To be upon my guard.
My coat was tore, my hat was lost,
And the seat of my trousers, oh, what a cost

But I'll remember forever, boys,
Magee's back yard.-Chorus. ^
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