American Old Time Song Lyrics: 21 What A Stunning Pair Of Legs

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 21

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What a Stunning Pair of Legs.

I'm a buxom little fellow, now it's true I do declare,
But still I'm not a dandy with a nobby head of hair;
As I roam along the streets they admire me, oh, fegs,
And the ladies cry when passing, what a stunning pair of legs.
Tol de rol, &c.

The very morn I was born I drained my mother's purse.
There was the cook and doctor, the mid-wife and the nurse;
They drank my health in gin and rum, and ogled me, oh, fegs,
And each in turn kept shouting, what a stunning pair of legs.
Tol de rol, &c.

Now when that I grew up a boy, and I was sent to school,
One day I played the truant, and fell into a pool;
My master went to flog me, he halloaed out, oh, legs,
Hold fast the little rascal by his stunning pair of legs.
Tol de rol, &c.

My mother doted on me and often she would sing,
Indeed, I think my little son will surely be a king;
One day I tried to stop a pig, it was a lark, oh, fegs,
For he gave a grunt and bolted though my stunning pair of legs.
Tol de rol, &c.

A policeman collared hold of me, oh, how he made me squeak,
He took me to the station-house and then before the beak;
Do you know him? said the magistrate; said the peeler, yes, oh, legs,
You may know he is a prig by his stunning pair of legs.
Tol de rol, &c.

Send him off to Blackwell, the magistrate then says,
And let him work the quarry for one-and-thirty days;
Tell the Governor to watch him, and work him well, oh, legs,
And clap a pair of ruffles on his stunning pair of legs.
Tol de rol, &c.

I served a month in limbo, in misery and pain,
I hope that I shall never get into their claws again,
I tried to run one morning, but trod upon some eggs,
And slipped into a plug-hole with my stunning pair of legs.
Tol de rol, &c.
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