American Old Time Song Lyrics: 21 Fathers Come Home

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 21

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Yes. Mary, my Mary, your father's come home,
You waited through all the long night.
he was deaf to your pleadings, for reason was drowned,
But, oh! it came back with the light.
It seems like a dream, oh! a terrible dream-
But, alas! now I know it was true;
Poor Benny is dead, but your father's come home,
Dear Mary, to mother and you.

Oh! no more, through the dark, weary hours,
Little Mary in sadness shall roam.
Ah! how glad to her ears are the words which she hears:
Dear Mary, your father's come home.

Please, Mary, tell mother that father's come home,
And kneels by our little boy's bed;
And he prays for God's help, that the husband may fill
The place of the boy that is dead;
And say, though he left her forsaken to weep,
All alone to bear sorrow and pain,
He'll never more cause her a pang or a tear,
If once more she will trust him again.

Oh! no more shall the wife watch and weep
All in vain for the loved one to come;
And all gone are her fears, as the message she hears:
Tell 'mother that father's- come home.

Yes. Mary, tell mother that father has left
The drink that has made him so bad;
You can say he has taken the temperance pledge,
I know it will make her heart glad;
And tell her he waits to clasp mother and child,
And vow, on his knees, to be true;
For father's come home, to his reason, at length,
Dear Mary, to mother and you.

Oh! no more, to the mother and child.
Shall the night black and desolate come,
For the fire shall be bright, and their hearts shall be light
While saying, Dear father's come home!
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