American Old Time Song Lyrics: 20 That Doesnt Go For A Cent

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 20

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That Doesn't Go for a Cent.

I'll admit I am somewhat of a liar myself,
I can tell you some horrible things;
I can tell you some darlings that never occurred,
When you hear them you'll say they are kings.
But we heard some to-day that knocks mine in the shade,
In my record they've made a big dent;
But the people that knows me and heard me tell mine,
Tells me that doesn't go for a cent.

Now my voice is the finest that ever you heard,
Besides I am a single young gent;
I'd like to convince you I screech in high C,
But that doesn't go for a cent.

Now to show you how bad as a liar I am left,
When I had it I thought my own way;
Now how does the girls spend twenty dollars a waek
On seventy-five cents a day?
And as for myself, now I don't drink a drop,
But where has my salary went?
I might tell you I gave it away to the poor,
But that doesn't go for a cent.

Now to tell you the truth, no! I can't tell you that.
For you know 'twas a lie that I meant:
I was paying my debts, now I hope you'll believe me,
But I think it won't go for a cent.

Now my wife tells me that she loves no one but me,
I certainly tell her the same;
She knows that her word is so better than mine.
And the way we tell lies it's a shame.
Now I know you believe that we would not deceive
One another in any intent;
And she tells me she's lonely when I go away.
But that doesn't go for a cent.

She goes to her ma three or four times a week,
That's where all her evenings are spent;
She tells me her ma sends her love and regards,
But that doesn't go for a cent.

Now I keep in the limits, you don't see me mashing,
If a girl winked at me I'd fall dead;
It's a hard thing to say, but, dear ladies, don't ask me
For my wife's sake I mean what I said.
Now you all know how naughty 'twould be if I did,
To "her I confess and repent.
As I do every night as we both kneel and pray,
I suppose that don't go for a cent.

I only can love you dear girls as a brother,
For my heart to another has went;
For all married men they are constant and true,
That ought to go for a cent.
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