American Old Time Song Lyrics: 18 Song Of All Songs

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 18

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Tune- "The Captain with his Whiskers."
As sung by America's own vocalist, Tony Pastor.

I will sing you a song of the songs so gay,
That I saw in a window as I passed one day ";
There was the "Marselaise" and the "Good Old Fatherland,"
And the jolly songs of England and every other land.
As I read them along, oh, my heart filled with joy,
For I saw the old songs that I sung when a boy;
'Twas our Home Sweet Home and the Old Arm Chair,
And the Star Spangled Banner and Erin Go Bragh!
Spoken.-Yes, these were the good old songs that our fathers
and our mothers, and everybody sung.

Now, it's Pull Down the Blind, Come in and Shut the Door,
Mother Savs I Mustn't, Oh, Not Before Pa,
On the Strict Q. T., They All Do It, On the Sly,
And they Never Miss the Lager 'Till the Keg Huns Dry.
Since Terry Joined the Gang, I'm Not Myself At All,
There's Bound to Be a Row, On the Raging Canawl,
With the Finest Police, Ten Thousand Miles Away,
Rolling Home in the Morning, When the Baud Begins to Play.

There's Efileen Alanna, On a Flying Trapeze,
And Hilderbrand Montrose, A Shelling Green Peas;
Up in a Balloon, playing Billiards and Pool.
All On a Sunday Night When the Parlor it is Full.
That's the Way the Story Goes, I'm Waiting, Love. For Thee,
I Hear an Angel Sing, and Shoo Fly, Don't Rodder Me;
Hold the Fort, Oh, Emma, My Dream of Love is O'er,
Let Me like a Soldier Fall, on "Grimes' Cellar Door.

A Hundred Years Ago, Strolling Up in Central Park.
Oh, What Lots of Fun, Going Out Upon a Lark,
A Courting in the Rain, When the Moon is Shining Bright,
And Skating On the Ice, all On a Summer Night.
Muldoon the Solid Man. He Played Upon the Drum,
Hurrah! for Old Ireland, Happy Days Will Come;
Don't Get Weary, Children, Oh, Never Say Die,
We May Be Happy Yet, in the Sweet Bye-And-Bye
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