American Old Time Song Lyrics: 16 The Dogs Meat Man

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 16

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Near the old Fly Market, not a long time ago,
An old maid lived a life of woe;
She was past forty-three, and her face like tan,
When she fell in love with the dogs' meat man.
Much she admired the dogs' meat man,
Kase he was a good looking dogs' meat man;
Her lilies and roses to fade began,
When she fell deep in love with the dogs' meal man.

Yankee doodle, doodle dandy,
Turn right round in the bottom of the gangy;
An Injun puddin' and a pumpkin pie,
Lord! how they made the whiskey fly.

Every morning he went by, when he had his meat on hand,
And opposite the old maid's door he often used to stand;
Then she'd run out to the pretty dogs' meat man,
And sit upon the barrow of the dogs' meat man.
And the cats would come to see the fun.
But he'd seize his go-cart and away he'd run;
And up the street that he did go,
He'd cry: Here's fine, fat dogs' meat, oh,-Chorus.

One morning she kept him at the door
A talking half an hour or more:
For you must know that it was her plan
To get a good squint at the dogs' meat man.
Why, if you marry me, says the dogs' meat man,
Why, I'll marry you, says the dogs' meat man;
And for a quart of peppermint away she ran,
And drank good health to the dogs' meat man.-Chorus.

Now the very next evening he was seen
In jacket and trousers of velveteen;
And to Lemon Hill, all in a span,
With a new gown she went with the dogs' meat man.
She had crackers, she had ale, with the dogs' meat man,
And she walked arm-in-arm with the dogs' meat man;
And all the little boys on the outside did stand,
And cried: There goes the dandy little dogs' meat man.-Chorus.

Now, he said, his customers (Good Lord!)
They owed him a matter of two pounds' odd;
And she replied it was a shame,
To cheat such a good looking dogs' meat man.
Why, if I had but the money, said the dogs' meat man,
I'd open a tripe shop, said the dogs' meat man.
And marry you to-morrow-she admired his plan,
And she lent a five dollar bill to the dogs' meat man.-Chorus.

He pocketed the money and he went away,
She waited for him all the next day;
He never came back, and she began
To think she'd been sold by the dogs' meat man.
She went out to look for the dogs' meat man,
But she couldn't find the dogs' meat man;
And somebody gave her for to understand.
That he had a wife and seven little dogs' meat mans.-Chorus.
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