American Old Time Song Lyrics: 16 She Shook Der Dailor

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 16

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Vonce dere lived a dailor's dauter,
Und a fellar vat loved her very much;
Ober she loved me bedder more ash him,
Pecause I zing such bully goot Dutch.
Dat fellar used to tdake her up to Shones Voods,
Und dread her to every ding fine;
Lager pier und pretzels, plentv limaburger cheese,
Goot bologna sausage und Rhine vine ober dem.

She shook der dailor, der dailor, der dailor,
She shook der dailor, pecause he didn't got sdamps;
She shook der dailor, der dailor, der dailor,
She shook him so bad, und got him so mad,
Dat he smoddered himself mit his pant-er-loons.

Von day he popped de question on her,
But to him she durned her pack;
Den he says: I'll go und dold your modder!
Und to der house he zoon vas making dracks.
Und she shouded oud after him,
Dat she loved none bedder ash me,
Und dat ve vas going to get married,
Und dat he'd petter go to sea-some oder gal-

Now ve vas gone oud und got married,
Und ve live shust so nice like any ding;
She makes dem coats, pants und sketa,
Und he alvays hellup her, too.
. But of dat oder fellar I don't know,
His mug sinze I never have saw;
But I dink dat he vas gone und dieded,
Und, of gorse, ve don't see him any more.
Spoken-All pecause,-Chorus.
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