American Old Time Song Lyrics: 15 The Hallelujah Band

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 15

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I was an artful dodger once, bat now, you'll understand,
I'm a most exalted member of the Hallelujah Band;
Our doings are notorious, and here I may remark:
We've lately held a picnic in the grounds of Greenwich Park.
It was a glorious morning, and we made a jolly start.
Like angels going to Dixey in a covered carrier's cart;
So brotherly and sisterly, of friends about a score.
And such a lot of loving lambs you never saw before.

Then you may go to Blackpool, Isle of Man or Harrowgate,
South port, Scarborough, or search through the land;
But if you want a spree, that a saint can only see.
You must join a jolly party in the Hallelujah Band.

We reached the park at 2 P. M., and wandering we went
On where to find a shady spot that we might pitch our tent;
And soon we found a quiet spot where we could sit unseen,
To smoke a pipe, to sing a song, or dance upon the green.
We Introduced the eatables, the bottled stout and beer,
With sundry drops of something short, our sinking souls to cheer;
When sister Sarah Sprigginbottom begged that brother Pirn
Would sing her "Champagne Charlie," and she would sing a hymn.-Chorus.

Now when we'd done with Doctor Watts we took a turn at Bass,
And drank success to temperance in flowing glass;
We pledged each other manfully in wines of every sort,
The women ditto in a drop of something short.
We satisfied the inner man, then cleared the crumbs away,
We danced and sung, declaring we had spent a happy day;
Then had a game at kiss in the ring, and kissed each other's wives,
And vowed it was the jolliest day we'd spent in all our lives.-Chorus
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