American Old Time Song Lyrics: 15 Dollars Do The Business Every Time

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 15

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Dollars Do the Business Every Time.
Copyright, 1886, by Chas. D. Blake & Co.

This world is full of wonders, and every day we see
Some strange and curious sights on every hand;
No matter where we go we always find it so.
That money is the ruler in the land.
There's the man that's poor and lowly, with a brave and honest heart.
Who'd scorn to wrong his neighbor of a dime;
By the wealthy he Is slighted, there's none to take his part,
For it's dollars does the business ev'ry time.

Then we should not forget to remember with regret,
That poverty Is often called a crime;
For the man with wealth and fame holds a high and honored name,
For his dollars does the business ev'ry time.

There's the man that rolls in riches, with thousands at his hand,
He's looked upon by many as a king;
Ev'ry comfort that he wishes for is placed at his command,
His money is a boon for everything.
On the street people praise him and often touch their hat,
He's known by rich and poor in every clime;
But it's not the man they worship, you can depend on that,
'Tis his dollars does the business ev'ry time.- Chorus.

And in our courts of justice where honor should abound.
And equal rights be given one and all,
The man with lots of money Is very often found
To excel the one whose bank account is small.
He can work the judge and jury in a scientific way,
The verdict is "not guilty of the crime;"
But the poor man goes to prison, while the wealthy walk away,
For their dollars does the business ev'ry time.-Chorus.

There's the high-toned paying teller, who in luxury does roll.
With other people's money at his hand,
When he finds himself in trouble of a pile he takes control.
And for his health goes to a foreign land.
But should he be arrested, his friends secure him bail,
And in court he is acquitted of his crime;
For the judge he fails to see, and the jury can't agree,
It's his dollars does the business every time.-Chorus.

And the corporation president, who lives in lordly style,
With a salary of thousands every year,
Takes a quiet trip to Europe, and with him quite a pile
Of dollars from the bank does disappear.
Sometimes he goes to prison by order of the court.
And gets an easy sentence for the crime;
But his friends to him will stick, he is pardoned very quick.
For his dollars does the business every time.-Chorus.

It's just the same old story yon very often hear,
And the truth of It you never can deny.
That the man that's got the millions can every time appear
As a man of honor in the public eye.
For money is the master that governs one and all,
We snuggle for dollar or a dime;
And no matter how inclined, we're always sure to find
That dollars do the business every time.-Chorus.
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