American Old Time Song Lyrics: 14 Mrs Mclaughlins Party

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 14

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Tune- "The Fair of Clogheen."

Ould Ireland is the place for a frolic,
The boys and the girls are frisky;
They never can feel melancholic,
They're the divils for tippling the whiskey
For a row or a ruction, oh, murther!
The boys they go in strong and hearty;
Now I'll tell yez, before I go further,
Of Mrs. McLaughlin's party.

Whoo! it's welt the flure, Peter O'Dougherty,
Shake your leg. Biddy McCarty;
Dance to year partners, ye divils
At Mrs. McLaughlin's party.

Moll Dolan, a buxom young craythur,
Had lately been raising my dandher;
I met her going down to MeGuffin's
To borry the loan of a gandher.
The gandher the geese had been courting,
She sould it to Paddy McCarty,
To buy her a pair of white slippers
To go to McLaughlin's party.-Chorus.

For a week or two I was preparing,
Determined in style for to shank it;
Put a pair of new tails to my coat
With a piece I cut off the "blanket.
I turned the corduroy breeches
I borrowed from Phelim O'Flaherty,
And I put a new patch on the sate,
For to cut a big swell at the party.-Chorus.

They hired a fiddler and piper,
And stuck them on top of a barrel,
With a jug full of whiskey between 'em,
To keep them from having a quarrel.
When the piper struck up "Garryowen,"
Faix! the tiddler another tune started;
And they welted the soles off their brogues,
Whoo! at Mrs. McLaughlin's patty.-Chorus.

Tim Fagan got up for a reel,
But he jigged it on every one's corns;
To try for to stop him was worse
Than to take a mad bull by the horns.
He skinned Dinny Haggerty's shins,
Tore the skirts off Wmay O'Doherty;
And exposed the dear craythur's fat limbs
To all the gay boys at the party.-Chorus.

Now while they were dancing and jigging,
Tom Cassidy burst in the dure, sir;
Thin the ducks and the dhrakes, and the pigs,
They came all flying in on the flure, sir.
The ould sow it set up a grunting,
The girls laughed merry and hearty;
While the pig balancayed down the middle
At Mrs. McLaughlin's party.-Chorus.

Thin the partv was brought to an ending,
The tiddler fell drunk from the table;
They carried him home on a shutter,
Tore off the dure of the stable.

We'd an illigant fight on the way
With a faction from Ballykillarty;
And I'm be d----d if we hadn't to pay
For the frolic we bad at the party.-Chorus.
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