American Old Time Song Lyrics: 13 You Know Vat I Know

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 13

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Written and sung by Gus Williams.

I know someding vhich I don't mind telling you.
Put keep it a secret, now mind;
Pccause iff my vife vas to find it out. too,
I know dat mit rage she'd go plind.
It's apout a young girl vat I meet th' oder day
Vhile valking along in de shtreet;
Und I know iff dis young girl knowed I had a vife.
She vouldn't dink I vas so sweet.

Now you know vat I know und vat my vife don't know,
She don't know vat I know, und vat I know you know;
If you tell her vat you know und also vat I know,
Den she'd know vat I know, vat you know also.

I know dat dis young girl vore lots of false hair,
I could see dat at once at a glance;
I know dat her feet vas much larger dan mine,
I found dat oud vhen ve did dance.
She got peauty shpots all over her face,
I don't vant to make fun at all;
She'd a mole on her cheek as red as a peet,
Und it looked like a pig cod-fish ball.-Chorus.

Dis girl's hair vas red or a shtrawpcrry plonde,
Her eye-prows hung down to her nose;
She'd a mout dat, ven open, looked like a mouse trap,
It vorked on a shpring, I suppose.
Put shtill she's a peauty 'longside of my vife,
To-morrow I get a divorce;
Und de secret is-veil, I don't mind telling you-
I marry dis young girl, of course.-Chorus.
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