American Old Time Song Lyrics: 13 Molly Brallaghan

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 13

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Ah! then, mam, dear, did you never hear of purty Molly Brallaghan
Troth, dear! I have lost her, and I'll never be a man again;
Not a spot on my hide will another Summer tan again,
Since Molly she has left me alone for to die.
The place where my heart was. you might easy rowl a turnip in.
As big as any pavin' stone, and from Dublin to the Devil's Glin;
If she chose to take another, sure, she might have sent mine back again
And not leave me here all alone for to die.

Mam, dear. I remember, when the milking time was past and gone.
We went into the meadows, where she swore I was the only man
That ever she could love-yet, oh! the base, the cruel one.
After ill that to leave me here alone for to die.
Mam, dear, I remember as we came home the rain began.
I rolled her in my coat, tho' devil a waistcoat I have on;
And my shirt was rather fine-dran-yet, oh! the base and cruel one,
After all that she left me here alone for to die.

I went and told my talc to Father McDouncl, mam,
And thin I wint and axed advice of Counselor O'Connell, mam;
He told me promise-breeches had been ever since the world began-
Now I have only one pair, mam, and they are corduroy.
Arrah! what could he mean, mam, or what would you advise me to dor
Must my corduroys to Molly go? in troth, I'm bothered what to do;
I can't afford to lone both my heart and my breeches, too-
Yes, what need I care, when I've only to die!

Oh! the left side of my carcass is as weak as water-gruel, mam.
The devil a bit upon my banes since Molly's proved so cruel, mam;
I wish I had a carabine, I'd go and find a duel, mam.
Sure it's better far to kill myself than stay here to die.
I'm hot and determined as a live salamander, mam­Won't you come to my wake when I go my long meander, mam?
Oh! I'll feel myself as valiant as the famous Alexander, mam,
When I hear yiz crying 'round me: "Arrah! why did ye die?"
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