American Old Time Song Lyrics: 13 He Said I Said

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 13

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Written and sung by Gus Williams.

I do not know de reason I'm in an awful muss,
Dere is a fellar in dis town vot vants to raise a fuss;
He blames it all upon me, und says I've told a lie,
Ven he knows dot I've told de druth, yes, just as veil as I.

Spoken-Yes, dot same fellar dot I'm dalking aboud, I mean
Jake Weigel! dot's de roosderl He knows I vouldn't dell a lie
aboud anybody, but den he never did "like me for a cent," und
dot's de reason dot-

He said I said you said I said
He vos an awful fraud,
And said you said I also said
He couldn't pay his board;
Und den he said you said I said
His grandfarder vos dead;
So dell him he is wrong in vot
He said you said I said.

I've told him he's mistaken, dot I never 9aid a vord
Aboud him or his business; but den he said he heard
Dot I spoke of his farder, und had called him a fool,
Und dot he vos an awful dunce und never vent to school.

Spoken-Now de idea of me dalking aboud him dot my, vy, I
vouldn't dalk aboud anybody, und even if I did know any ding
bad aboud his family, I should keeb id to myself, und not dell
anybody; in fact, id's none of my business, dot's id, none of my
business. Vot business is id of mine if his grandfarder vos hung
in Germany? Den he says I talk aboud his family; und dis moder
used to do vashing for my uncle's aunt's sister. Den he says I dalk
aboud his family; vot business of mine is id dot his sister vent und
married a shoemaker, und dot he died, leaving her two old lasts of
different sizes? none of my business-dot's just vot I say. Den he
says I dalk aboud his family; vot business is id of mine it his broder
vos sent to sdade brison on accound dot he sdole a gouple of secondĀ­hand mince pies from a bakery in Vest sdreed? Den he says I dalk
aboud his family; vot business is id of mine dot he himself never
vent to school, vinks mit his ear, chews a piece of leather for'
tobacco, drinks viskey, vorks in a shooding gallery picking ub
bullets, und sleeps down on de dock at night? Vy, id's none of
my business, Und den he says I dulk aboud him und his family;
vy, you know as veil as I, dot I vouldu't do such a ding, und yet
for all dot---Chorus.
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