American Old Time Song Lyrics: 12 Whiskers On The Moon

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 12

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Copyright, 1884, by Chas. D. Blake & Co.

This world's a very funny spot, it's Ailed with crooks and cranks,
Mankind's a very queerish lot, with many queerish pranks;
The crooks may all on this rely, it's clear as sun at noon.
They'll find in the sweet bye-and-bye, there are whiskers on the moon.
Now list to what I say, queer business does not pay.
All those who work that lay will find some future day;
There are whiskers on the moon, and the stars look on and blink.
If the moon gets high, they're quick to spy and tip a knowing wink;
They are always on the watch, and they sing this little tune:
Keep right along, do nothing wrong, for there's whiskers on the moon.

I am really feeling quite distressed, I'll state the case to you.
I've got a million to invest, and don't know what to do;
I'd like to put them in a bank, but don't know which to trust.
The cashier may just skip away and leave the bank to burst.
It happens every day, some cashier, blithe and gay,
Serenely skips away, he'll find, go where he may.
There are whiskers on the moon, who spots the festive sun,
And the sinner's road, tho' very broad, is never paved with fun
And he is sure to find, it is certain, late or soon,
It's best to go a little slow, for there's whiskers on the moon.

I really much regret to see that e'en the ladies sweet.
Are very apt to be a little indiscreet;
With strangers they will sometimes flirt, but they discover soon
To their surprise, with tearful eyes, the whiskers on the moon.
For such flirtations gay are very risky play,
And if you go that way, you'll hear the public say:
There are whiskers on the moon, as all good people know.
You may get hurt if you will flirt, so, ladies, don't do so;
If you a lover have, don't let another spoon,
Tho' he don't miss each little kiss, there are whiskers on the moon
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