American Old Time Song Lyrics: 12 Did You Notice It

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 12

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Copyright, 1886, by Henry J. Wehman.
Words by George Cooper. Music by J. P. Skelly.

All the papers each day are dilating,
How in politics people go wrong;
And the fact they so often are stating,
That in time it becomes an old song.
Tho' some who're accused may be honest,
Yet others are awfully fly;
And those who would like to be "rum est,"
Did you notice they like "boodle "pie?

Did you' notice it? did you notice it?
Keep your eyes wide awake as you go,
And you'll notice it, surely notice it,
If you don't you are awfully slow.

Now the preachers are all the while preaching
Of the very great evils of gold,
And all over the land they are teaching
That the rich man can't enter the fold.
They'll spout all they like, and forever,
And tell us what they think is best;
But tho' they are awfully clever,
Did you notice they feather their nest?-Chorus.

When you call on the girls, neat and pretty,
And their dads are asleep safe and sound,
While you're chatting away very witty,
And there's nobody prying around;
How often they'll scream, if so happy,
To press their soft lips you insist;
But tell me, you innocent chappy,
Did you notice they like to be kissed?-Chorus.

Now some deacons who act most sedately,
And run down the drama as bad,
Tho' at home they're demure and so stately,
With fatherly features so sad;
Yet when to a show you oft rally
With friends, how it makes you all stare,
For in the front row at the ballet,
Did you notice the deacons all there?-Chorus.

There's Bob Ingersol spouts his opinions,
And tells us, as if he just knew,
There are no fire and brimstone dominions,
And of dollars he rakes in a few.
He laughs at the orthodox parsons,
And says what they preach is a lie;
He swears that you can't find a devil,
Did you notice he don't care to try?-Chorus.
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