American Old Time Song Lyrics: 11 Oh, Mamma Oh, Mamma Oh, Mamma

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 11

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Oh, Mamma! Oh, Mamma! Oh, Mamma.
Copyright, 1880, by Willis Woodward & Co.

If you look at a girl nowadays she will scream.
Oh, mamma! oh, mamma! oh, mamma!
But they're not quite as innocent as they would seem,
Oh, mamma! oh, mamma! oh, mamma!
They will eat. they will drink at your expense each day.
And they'll call you a darling each time that you pay,
When your pockets are empty they'll call you a "jay,"
Oh, mamma! oh, mamma! oh, mamma!

They are clergymen's daughters, at least so they say,
Oh, mamma! Oh, mamma! ob. mamma!
Yet we find them at matinees day after day,
Oh. mamma, oh, mamma! oh, mamma!
They are very devout, and they flush up with shame.
If you ask them to give an address or a name,
But the suppers they eat make a fellow exclaim.
Oh, mamma! oh, mamma! oh, mamma!

Wet weather just suits them when crossing the street.
Oh. mamma! oh, mamma! oh, mamma!
For it helps them .to show off an ankle so neat.
Oh, mamma! of. mamma! of, mamma!
P'rhaps the old man's a bum who is used to hard knocks,
Bartenders chase him for dozens of blocks,
Yet his daughter wears stocking embroidered with clocks.
Oh, mamma! oh, mamma! oh, mamma!

They are scheming for husbands from morning 'till night,
Oh. mamma! oh, mamma! oh, mamma!
If a fellow has money he may be a fright.
Oh, mammal oh, mamma! oh mamma!
They will sit close beside you, that's if you're her style,
And complain of the thirst every once in a while,
But it costs you a quarter each time that they smile.
Oh, mammal oh mamma! oh, mamma!

Beware of the girl who will giggle and say,
Oh, mamma! Oh. mamma! oh, mamma!
Or your boodle will very soon dwindle away,
Oh, mamma' oh, mamma! oh mamma!
She'll induce you to marry her perhaps on the sly
And in twelve months skedadle with some richer guy.
And she'll leave you a kid who does nothing but cry.
Oh, mamma! oh, mamma! oh, mamma!
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