American Old Time Song Lyrics: 11 Bryan Olynn

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 11

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Brynn O'Lynn wits a Scotchman born,
His teeth they were long " And his beard was unshorn,
His temples far out, and his eyes were far in,
"I'm a beautiful creature, " says Bryan O'Lynn.

"With my ranting, roaring, hoaring, lmring, screwing,
Gouging, auguring, malleting, chiseling, stokering,
Plastering, hammering, sailoring, watering,
Capering, tinkering, soldiering, butchering.
With my three-handled four-ironed gouging pin,
I'm a beautiful creature, " says Bryau O'Lynn.

Bryan O'Lynn had no coat to put on,
He borrowed a goat-skin to make him one-
He planted the horns right under his chin,
"They'll answer for pistols, " says Bryan O'Lynu.-Chorus.

Bryan O'Lynn had no breeches to wear.
So he bought him a sheep-skin to make him a pair,
With the skinny side out, and the woolly side in,
"They're nice, light and cool, " says Bryan O'Lynn.-Chorus.

Bryan O'Lynn had no watch for to wear,
Sohe got him a turnip And scoop'd it out fair;
He then put a cricket clone under the skin,
"They'll think it's a-ticking, " says Bryan O'Lynn.-Chorus,

Bryan O'Lynn he bought him a gun.
He planted the trigger right under his thumb,
He pulled the trigger, the gun give a crack,
And knocked Bryan 0 Lynn on the broad of his back.-Chorus.

Bryan O'Lynn went to bring his wife home,
He had but one horse, that was all skin and bone,
"I'll put her behind as uate as a pin,
And her mother before me, " says Bryan O'Lynu.-Chorus.

Bryan O'Lynn, and his wife and the mother,
Were all going over the bridge together,
The bridge broke down And they till tumbled in,
"We'll had ground at the bottom, " says Bryan O'Lynn. - Chorus.
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