American Old Time Song Lyrics: 11 Aunt Jemimas Plaster

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 11

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Aunt Jemima's Plaster.

Aunt Jemima she was old, but very kind and clever,
She had a notion of her own that she would marry never;
She said that she'd live in peace, and none should be her master,
8he made her living, day by day, in selling of a plaster.

Sheep-skin and bees wax made this awful plaster,
The more you try to get it off, the more it sticks the faster:
Sheep-skin and bees wax made this awful plaster,
The more you try to get it off, the more it sticks the faster.

She had a sister very tall, and if she'd kept on growing
She might have been a giant now, in fact there is no knowing;
All of a sudden she became of her own height the master.
And all because upon each foot Jemima put a plaster.-Chorus.

There was a thief, night and day kept robbing of the neighbors,
But none could find the rascal out with all their tricks and labours;
She set a trap upon the step and caught him with a plaster,
The more he tried to get away, the more he stuck the faster.-Chorus.

Her neighbour had a Thomas cat that ate like any glutton,
It never caught a mouse or rat, but stole both milk and mutton;
To keep it home she tried her best, but ne'er could be its master,
Until she stuck it to the floor with Aunt Jemima's plaster.-Chorus.

Now if you have a dog or cat, a husband, wife or lover,
That you would wish to keep at home, this plaster just discover;
And if you wish to live in peace, avoiding all disaster,
Take my advice and try the strength of Aunt Jemima's plaster.-Chorus.
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