American Old Time Song Lyrics: 10 The Kiss In School

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 10

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By J. W. Parker.

A District School not far away,
'Mid Birkshire hills, one Winter's day,
Was humming with its wonted noise
Of three score mingled girls and boys,-
Some few upon their tasks intent,
But more on future mischief bent.
The while the master's downward look
Was fastened on a copy-book,
When suddenly behind his back,
Rose sharp and clear a rousing smack!
As't were a battery of bliss
Let off in one tremendous kiss.
"What's that? " the startled master cries.
"That, thir." a little imp replies,
"Wath William Willith, if you pleath,-
I saw him kith Thuthannah'Peathe!"
With frown to make a statue thrill,
The mastered thundered, " Hither Will!"
Like wretch o'ertaken in his track,
With stolen chattels on his back,
Will bung his head in fear and shame,
And to that awful presence came,-
A great, green, bashful simpleton,
The butt of all good-natured fun.
with smile suppressed, and birch upraised,
The threatener falthered: " I 'm amazed
That you, my biggest pupil, should
Be guilty of an act so rude!
Before the whole set school to boot,-
What evil genius put you to 't?"
"'Twas she herself, sir," sobbed the lad,
"I didn't mean to be so bad,-
But when Susannah shook her curls.
And whispered I was 'fraid of girls,
And darsn't kiss a baby's doll,
I couldn't stand it, sir, at all!
But up and kissed her on the spot.
1 know-boo-hoo-I ought to not,
But somehow, from her looks,-boo-hoo,-
I thought she kind o' wished me too? "
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