American Old Time Song Lyrics: 10 Flanigan The Lodger

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 10

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Copyright, 1885, by B. W. Hitchcock.
Written and 6ung by the great Pat Rooney.

Since the day that I got married,
I kicked and cursed myself;
My wife and Mr. Flanigan
has put me on the shelf;
It is me that gets the water,
While the lodger gets the tay;
And every night before I sleep,
To them I have to say:

Am I a man, or am I a mouse,
Am I a decent married man or dodger?
I'd like to know who's the boss of the house,
Is it me or Flanigan, the lodger?

Mister Flanigan does nothing,
He leads a dandy life,
And every week I get iny pay,
He shares it with my wife;
He takes her out to matinees,
He does the tra-la-loo,
While with the kids I stop at home
To play the peek-a-boo.-Chorus.

When it's home I come to supper,
As hungry as can be,
I find them munching steaks and chops,
The bones they leave for me;
Then my wife she fills the growler,
Hut it's ne'er a sup have I,
Although 1 pay for every pint
That she goes out to buy.-Chorus.

Now the kids are bossed by Flanigan,
Who pulls them by the ear.
And there's the divil and all to pay
If I should interfere;
And to some fine moonlight picnic,
Then the pair of them will skip;
Then Flanigan takes my Sunday clothes
To wear upon the trip.-Chorus.

Oh, I'll fill me up some evening
With Casey's best benzine,
And walk into this Flanigan,
The finest ever seen;
Sure I'll bounce him, and his baggage
Down a sewer I will toss;
I'll let that wife of mine soon know
Which one of us is boss.

Spoken.-My wife came home at five o'clock in the morning,
and she says to" me: " Jerry." " What is it? " says I. "Go out
and get me roller skates," says she. " Bad luck" to you," says I,

"I'll go and bring ye the police station, for"-Chorus.
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