American Old Time Song Lyrics: 07 Popsy Wopsy

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 7

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I am a 'elpless female,
An unprotected female;
My husband's been and gone
And run away my heart to wring;
He's gone to join the Mormons,
Those gay and festive Mormons;
And while he's getting married there,
I'm left alone to sing:

oh! my Popsy Wopsy's vanished from my sight,
And we might have been so happy-so we might;
But Żo\v he's gone away to be a Mormonite.
And I've no doubt but what he has a dozen wives or more.-Dance,

He had a winning manner,
A most engaging manner,
And when we wed, I never thought
He'd come to serve me so-
But he was so deceitful!
The men are all deceitful;
They bring poor girls like me to grief-
And that's as well to know,-Chorus.

But I mean to go and join him,
Go on the sly and join him,
Just drop upon him unawares
And stop at once his fun-
As soon as I can reach him-
The fact-I mean to teach him,
Though he may have a dozen wives,
Still I am Number One. - Chorus.

Now, ladies, take a warning:
Let my fate be a warning-
The men are all a sort of kind
Of Blue Beard, and not true-
But if they will neglect us,
To love they can't expect us;
For what is sauce for goose, you know,
Is sauce for gander, too.-Chorus.
Hush, Little Baby, Don't You Cry!
Copyright, 1884, by W. F. Shaw.

No use for to weep and cry in de morn,
You'll be an angel bye-And-bye;
Dig up de taters, hoc up de corn,
You'll be an angel bye-And-bye;
Tie on de armor, armor of de Lord,
You'll be an angel bye-and-bye;
Put on de helmet, swing on de sword,
You'll be an angel bye-And-bye.

Hush, little baby, don't you cry,
You'll be an angel bye-and-bye;

Singing sweetly all the day,
All the day, happy day;
Hush, little baby, don t you cry,
You'll be an angel bye-and-bye;
Softly, sweetly, gently, sleep,
You'll be an angel bye-and-bye-don't you cry.

Ole Satan's a-comin', don't you run,
You'll be an angel bye-And-bye;
Put on de armor, level up yo' gun,
You'll be an angel bye-and-bye;
Aim for his bosom, hit him in de back,
You'll be an angel bye-and-bye;
Keep on a-shootin , keep him off de track,
You'll be an angel bye-and-bye.-Chorus.

Put on de robe and frizzle up yo' har,
You'll be an angel bye-and-bye;
Get out yo' ticket for de gospel car,
You'll be an angel bye-And-bye;
Pin on de armor, armor of de Lord,
You'll be an angel bye-and-bye;
Watch for de train, jump on board,
You'll be an angel bye-And-bye.-Chorus.
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