American Old Time Song Lyrics: 07 My Wife Is So Awfully Thin

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 7

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My Wife is so Awfully Thin.
Words and Music by Gus Williams.

You've heard aboud a gal I lov'd.
Dot used to be so stout;
How she "shook me," und just because
I vouid not take her out
To balls and parties, und all dot
Vhich I dought vas a sin;
But now I've got a new sweetheart,
Und she is awful thin.

She is so thin, dot vere she here.
You could not see her: don't dot seem queer!
Bad luck have I, oh, I shall die!
My wife is so awfully thin.

Vere I first met dis female straw,
'Dwas at a coundry fair;
She vas valking "long mit her ma'ma,
Und had such nice blonde hair.
I spoke to her, she spoke to me,
Ve got acquainted den;
Ve married vere, und after dot
She commenced to grow thin.

Spoken-She is the thinnest of the thin; she used to work in an Insdrument
factory, cleaning out flutes. I used to blay ' Hide and Seek " mit her, und she
used to hide in de gas-pipe. I took her out riding vonce, and I grabbed her inĀ­stead of de whin; I never took her out after dot. I vas valtzing mit her at a ball
vonce, und de floor manager come up und said: " Young man, you vill have to
leave your cane in de hat room, it's not allowed In de floor: " I told him 'twas
no cane, but my vife. De oder day vile ve vas out valking, I saw a man selling
leedle red balloons for ten cents; I bought vone, und give it to her to hold-she
vent up, balloon und all; I hav'n't seen her since, but-Chorus.
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