American Old Time Song Lyrics: 07 Lord Bateman And The Fair Sophia

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 7

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Lord Bateman and the Fair Sophia

Lord Bateman be was a noble lord,
A noble lord of bigft-degree,
He shipped himself on board a ship,
Some foreign country he would go see.

He sailed East, and he sailed West,
Until he came to proud Turkey,
Where he was taken and put in prison,
Until his life was almost weary.

And in this prison there grew a tree,
It grew so stout and strong.
Where he was chained by the middle,
Until his life was almost gone.

This Turk be bad one only daughter,
The fairest creature my eyes did see,
She stole the key of her father's prison,
And swore Lord Bateman she would set free.

"Have you got houses, have you got lands,
Or does Northumberland belong to thee?
What would you give to the fair young lady,
That out of prison would set you free?" '

"I have got bouses, I have got lands,
And half Northumberland belongs to me,
I'll give it all to the fair young lady,
That out of prison would set me free."

Oh, then she took him to her father's hall,
And gave to him the best of wine,
And every health she drunk unto him,
"I wish Lord Bateman that you were mine."

"Now in seven years I'll make a vow,
And seven years I'll keep it strong.
If you'll wed with no other woman,
I will wed with no other man."

Oh, then she took him to her father's harbor.
And gave to him a ship of fame;
"Farewell, farewell, to you, Lord Bateman,
I'm afraid I ne'er shall see you again."

Now seven long years are gone and past,
And fourteen days well known to thee,
She packed up all her gay clothing,
And swore Lord Bateman she would go see.

But when she came to Lord Bateman's castle,
So boldly she rung the bell,
"Who's there, who's there? " cried the proud porter,
"Who's there, come, unto me tell? "

"Oh, is this Lord Bateman's castle,

Or is his lordship here within?"
"Oh. yes, oh, yes," cried the young porter,
"He's just now taken his new bride in."

"Oh, tell him to seud me a slice of bread,
And a bottle of the best wine,
And not forgetting the fair young lady
Who did release him when close confin'd."

Away, away, went this young proud porter,
Away, away, and away went ho.
Until he came to Lord Bateman's chamber,
Down on his bended knees fell he.

"What news, what news, my proud young porter.
What news bast thou brought unto me?"
"There is the fairest of all young creatures
That e'er my two eyes did see.

"She has got rings on every finger,
And round one of them she's got three,
And as much gay clothing round her middle
As all Northumberland would buy.

"She bid you seud her a slice of bread.
And a bottle of the best wine,
And not forgetting the fair young lady.
Who did release you when close confin'd."

Lord Bateman he then in a passion flew,
And broke his sword in splinters three,
Saying, " I will give all my father's riches
If that Sophia has crossed the sea"

Then up spoke the young bride's mother,
Who never was heard to speak so free,
"You'll not forget my only daughter,
If that Sophia has crossed the sea."

"I own I made a bride of your daughter,
She's neither the better nor worse for me,
She came to me with her horse and saddle,
She may go back in her coach and three."

Lord Bateman prepared another marriage,
With both their hearts so full of glee;
I'll range no more in foreign countries,
Now my Sophia has crossed the sea."
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