American Old Time Song Lyrics: 07 Little Fraud

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 7

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As sung by Harrigan and Hart.

He-Oh? vere is dat leetle deicher darling,
Dcr pootiest littl vaiter-gal of all;
Oh! vere is der pickles by der garteu,
Der mock oranges hanging by der vail?
How sweet she used to vait on der table,
Mit sarsaparilla vater by her tray;
Und sometimes put bottles by der labes,
Ven cfer der boss he vas avay.

Leetle Fraud, (she) chews terbacker,
Leetle Fraud, (she) vats der matter?
Vas der pootiest leetle vaiter gal of all;
Leetle Fraud, (she) dunner vater,
Lcetlc Fraud, (she) dunner vater,
Vas der pootiest leetle deicher gal of all.

She-I thought I heard somebody spoken,
Und vat kind of liquors do you like?
Mein lieber shoots will gif you such a shooking,
As make your face so plack as plue as vhite,
So help me gracious;
I pelief that you haf got anouder lover,
In some ouder part by dis town,
Oh! I shoost took mein finger und I guv her
A shmack dot vould shoost knock you down.- Chorus.

He-Now, my lore, if you vould understood me,
I vould feel shoost as happy as a lord,
Ouf you was so kleiner as you could be,
I vouldn't give dot for Leetle Fraud.
She-I don't can't tell vat ish de matter,
For dere you eat pretzels vere you board,
Und sometimes I blevc you never get her,
Dot ouder deicher gal, Leetle Fraud.
He-Oh! Fraud­She-Leetle Fraud-
He-Oh! vere is dot gal­She-I don't know-
He-Oh! vere is dot leetle deicher darling,
Der pootiest little deicher gal of all.-Chorus.
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