American Old Time Song Lyrics: 07 Here She Goes And There She Goes

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 7

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Here She Goes and There She Goes.

When Tom declared his ardent love
For Miss Amelia Brown,
They asked papa to give consent,
But he only gave a frown;
Now Tom and his Amelia said
That they'd elope to town,
And married be, although it was
Against the wish of Brown;
The very morning of their flight,
Old Brown at home would stay,
I know they only wished for
Some good chance to run away.

Spoken-I knew the boy loved the girl, and the old man
didn't love the girl worth a cent. The old man was a kind of
sporting man, and so I says, Brown, old boy, I want to lay you
a wager. What is it? says Brown. I want to bet you "five
dollars you can't swing your arm with the pendulum of that
clock five minutes. Done! says be, I take. What have I got
to do? All you have got to do is to follow me and go like this-

Here she goes and there she goes,
Bib-a-de-bob, bib-a-de-bob;
Here she goes and there she goes,
And that is the way to do it.

Old Brown he set to work at once,
And soon began to puff;
I cried, old Brown, I think that you'll
Soon say you've had enough;
I never laid a bet, said he,
But what I mean to win,
I'll bet another ten, said he,
That I will not give in;
Old Brown was fat, the weather warm,
And never once he stopped,
And there upon his heated face.
There stood the shining drops.

Spoken-And I stood in the corner laughing; and old Brown
kept up the same old game.-Chorus.

Mrs. Brown who heard me laugh,
Came into the room to see,
Oh! goodness, gracious, Brown, said she,
What can the matter be?
Why, Brown, you must be going mad,
Of that there is no doubt,
To stand in front of that old clock,
And swing your arm about;
I'll go and fetch the doctor Brown,
If you go on this way;
But all they could get out of Brown,
And this is what he'd say:-Chorus.

Old Brown he won the wager,
But lost his daughter by the game;
She married Tom in town that day,
And back for forgiveness came;
'Twas useless when the job was done.
For Brown to then say nay;
So he took the joke, my friends,
In quite a jolly way;
He gave a party to his friends,
And oftimes tells with glee,
While sounds of laughter echo from
The jolly company.

Spoken-Yes, says the old man, I shall never forget the time
I went- Chorus.
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