American Old Time Song Lyrics: 07 Duffy The Swell

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 7

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Copyright, 1884, by T. B. Harms & Co.

My name is Michael Duffy,
And for style I can't be beat;
I'm known by everybody,
When I promenade the street.
I " mash " upon the corners-
Oh! the ladies know me well;
When they pass that way,
They smile and say:
"Oh! there goes Duffy, the swell!"

I'm a swell, you can tell,
I am always in the fashion;
Everyday, on Broadway,
Oh! don't I look dashing?
Olivette cigarette,
The perfume you can smell;
And the ladies gay,
They smile and say:
"There's Duffy, yes, Duffy, the swell!"

Upon my coat a rosebud,
As I walk about, I wear;
And always in the middle
Make the barber part my hair.
I go to all the pic-nics,
Patronize the best hotel,
Where I do the grand,
You understand,
For I am Duffy, the swell.-Chorus.

I sport a pretty eye-glass,
And my tile and boots they shine;
The ladies' hearts I'm breaking-
Oh! they call me " Baby Mine!"
I dine on hash and tooth-picks,
And the little boys they yell,
When they see my style,
And mashing smile:
"Oh! there is Duffy, the swell!"-Chorus.

Knock at the Window To-Night.
Copyright, 1883, by T. B. Harms & Co.
Written and sung by Gus Williams.

I'm courting a farmer's fair daughter,
And often we meet on the sly;
Her father would scold if he caught her
At any one winking her eye;
But still ev'ry ev'ning she meets me,
And out in the woodlands we stray,
When passing her cottage she greets me
With smiles, and I thus hear her say:


Knock at the window to-night, love,
Tap it so softly and light, love;
Knock at the window to-night, love,
And there I'll be waiting for you.

Beside the old porch then I linger,
And soon a soft hand is in mine;
A ring now she wears on her finger,
To show that our hearts we entwine;
We roam by the mill and the meadow,
The stars gently peeping above;
Each night in the soft twilight shadow
I think of the words of my love.-Chorus.

I know that she still loves me dearly,
I know that to me she'll be true;
Her bright eyes are shining so clearly,
They seem like the sky's azure blue;
All day of her message I'm thinking,
And longing the night to appear;
While watching the golden sun sinking,
Her soft, gentle whisper I hear.-Chorus.
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