American Old Time Song Lyrics: 06 Just To Please The Boys

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 6

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Just to Please the Boys.

Some people have peculiar ways
And I have some I know,
I don't like swell society.
Restraint I cannot go.
I've done And will do as I please,
Keep still or make a noise,
I love to please the ladies, but,
Prefer to please the boys.

Spoken-Oh! well, ladies never appear perfect in each other's
eyes; there's always some little fault, whether caused by envy,
jealousy or otherwise. So, on this occasion I waive female opiĀ­nion And intend-
Just to please the boys,
Just to please the boys,
I always meant with good intent,
To try and please the boys.

I love to sing, to sail and race,
I love to skate and dance,
I love all social parties
Where they give a girl a chance.
My lady friends find fault because
They cannot share my joys,
And tell me I'm too forward when
I try to please the boys.

Spoken-Yes, whenever I try to entertain the gentlemen, I
hear such exclamations as these: "Ain't she awful?" "How
exceedingly fresh!" " She will never catch a sensible husband."
And all this because I try-Chorus.

Some people call me fickle,
Just because I change my beau,
And don't keep one man to myself,
And let all others go.
Now that I think would be unkind,
For no one more enjoys,
To give good looking men a chance,
And try and please the boys.

Spoken-Lord! I'm not fickle; I do like one man. The other
evening a gentleman kissed me just because I let him. He
repeated the act and then wanted an encore. I refused. He
said, "Ella, they all do it." He didn't mean me, I have a few
kisses left, and when I distribute them it will be-Chorus.
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