American Old Time Song Lyrics: 05 Tommy Make Room For Your Auntie

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 5

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Tommy, Make Room for Your Auntie.

Now Miss Fitzwilliam of Union Square
Presents herself to you,
And you may guess, when she is dressed,
Of gents she knows a few;
A widower fell in love with me
While riding in a train;
He had his little boy with him,
Who caused us both much pain.

Spoken-Yes, the confounded young urchin caused me a great
deal of pain and sorrow, and the widower, his father, introduced
me to the little boy as his auntie, and during the whole of the
journey the father had to say-

Tommy, make room for your auntie,
There's a little dear;
Tommy, make room for your auntie.
I want her to sit here;
You know papa has got a cake,
And that he'll give it to you;
So don't annoy, there's a good boy,
Make room for your auntie, do.

When first I met this widower,
Twas on the journey down
To spend a day at Long Branch,
Just like a swell from town;
The widower loved romantic scenes,
And a squeeze on the sly;
But when his arm went round my waist
The boy began to cry.

Spoken-He declared his papa was hurting me, And would insist
upon sitting between us, only fancy making love to a girl with
a little boy in the way; but his father said to him in a voice so

The father told his loving son
To watch the passing train;
But no, he said, my dear papa.
You'll kiss that lady again;
Of course I blushed a maiden blush,
And he was not himself;
For who could make love in a car,
In frout of that young elf?

Spoken-Yes, it would never do to make love before the boy
and when the widower pressed me I said " Not before the boy,
sir not before the boy "-just then we went under a tunnel
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