American Old Time Song Lyrics: 05 Maud Muller In Dutch

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 5

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Maud Muller, von Summer afternoon
Vas deriding bar in her fadder's saloon.
She solt dot bier, und singed "Shoo Fly,"
Und viuked at der men in it her lefd eye.
Bud ven she looked oud on der shdreed,
Und saw detn gals all dressed so snweed.
Her song gifed out on a ubber note,
Cause she had such a buss in her troat;
Und she vished she had shdamps to shbeud,
So she might git such a Grecian Bend.
Hans Brinker valked sblowly down der shdreed,
Shmilin at all der gals he'd meed;
Old Hans vas rich-as I've been dold-
Had houses und lots, und a barrel of gold.
He shdopped py der door, und pooty soon
He valked righd indo dot bier saloon.
Uud he vinked at Maud, uud said, "My Dear,
Gif me, of you pblease, a glass of bier."
She vend to der pblace vere der bier keg shtood,
Und pringed him a glass dot vas fresh und goot.
"Dot's goot," said Hans, "dot's a better drink
As effer I had iu mine life, I dink.''
He dalked for a vhile, den said, "Goot day."
Und up der shdreet he dook his vay.
Maud hofed a sigh, und said, " Oh how
I'de like to been dot olt man's frow,
Such shplendid close I den vould vear,
Dot all the gals around vood shdare.
In dot Union Park I'd drive all tay,
Und efery evenin' go to der blay.
Hans Brinker, doo, felt almighty gweer,
(But dot mite peen von trinkin l>eer.)
Und he says to himself, as he valked along,
Hummin der dune of a olt lofe song,
"Dot's der finest gal I efer did see,
Und I vish dot she my wife cood be."
But here his solillogwy came to an eud,
As he dinked of der gold dot she might shband,
Und he maked up his miud dot as for him,
He'd marry a gal mit lots of "din."
So he vent righd off dot fery day,
Und married a vooman olt und gray.
He vishes now, but all in vain,
Dot he vas free to marry again;
Free as he vas dot af der noon,
Ven he med Maud Muller in der bier saloon.
Maud married a man without some "soap"-
He vas lazy doo-but she did hope
Dot he'd get bedder when shildren came;
But vhen dey had, he vas yoost der same.
Und ofden now dem dears vill come
As she sits alone ven her day's vork's done,
Und dinks of der day Hans called her " my dear,"
Und asked her for a glass of bier;
But she don'd comblain, nor efer has,
Und oney says, " Dot coodn't vas."
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