American Old Time Song Lyrics: 05 Gen Grants Trip Around The World

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 5

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Gen. Grant's Trip Around the World.

I am an Irishman, and do the best I can.
For to elevate the Irish, one and all
I own a large estate, and my influence is great.
I am the boss of all free lunch at Tammany Hall.
When I go out in the street, they tell me go and eat,
And advise me to go and have my whiskers curled;
But I turned around and said, cheese it, don't you give it away,
I am General Grant, I'm touring around the world.

With a cigar stuck up in my teeth.
And a mustard plaster stuck on my feet,
I am the darling, I am the daisy of them all;
They give me a dig in the ribs-
And they say, get on to his nibs,
There's Patsy Grant, that's been around the world.

I've been to Portuguese, I've been to Turkey and Greece,
That is the greasiest place I ever saw ;
I've been to Spain and France, and a Duutchman stole my pants.
And I hit him with a brick-bat on the jaw.
In Ireland I got froze, in Russia I lost my nose,
In Italy I got drunk and sluged an earl
From Cork I did escape, for my clothes were out of shape,
For I'm Patsey Grant, that's been around the world.
With a cigar stuck up in my teeth, &c.

I struck Chicago shore, and went into a liquor store.
And got away with an elegant five cert buss;
They gave me a big reception, and took up a big collection.
And gave me a pair of Dan O'Leary's shoes.
I spoke for twenty-four hours, and drank three hundred whiskey sours,
To the Palmer House in a carraige I was whirled;
They rushed in at the doors, And they ripped away the floor,
To see the bloke that tramped around the world.
With a cigar stuck up in my teeth, &c
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