American Old Time Song Lyrics: 04 Limerick Races

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 4

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I'm a simple Irish lad, I've resolved to see some fun, sirs;
So, to satisfy my mind, to Limerick town I come, sirs;
Oh, murther t what a precious place, and what a charming city.
Where thd boys are all so free, and the girls are all so pretty.

Musha ring a ding a da, ri too ral laddy, oh !
Musha ring a ding a da, ri too ral laddy. oh !

It was on the first of May, when I began my rambles.
When everything was there, both jaunting cars and gambols
I looked along the road, what was lined with smiling faces.
All driving off ding-dong, to go and see the races.
Musha ring a ding a da, &c.

So then I was resolved to go and see the race, sirs.
And on a coach and four neatly took my place, sirs;
When a chap bawls out: "Behind I" and the coachman dealt a blow, sirs;
Faith 1 he pit me just as fair as if his eyes were in his poll, sirs.
Musha ring a ding a da, &c.

So then I lad to walk, and make no great delay, sirs.
Until I reached the course, where everything was gay, sirs;
It's then I spied a wooden house, and in the upper story.
The band struck up a tune called, " Garry Owen and glory."
Musha ring a ding a da, &c.

There was fiddlers playing jigs, there was lads and lasses dancing,
And chape upon their nags, round the course sure they were prancing;
Some were drinking whiskey-punch, while others bawled out gayly:
"Hurrah then for the Shamrock green, and the splinter of shillelagh:"
Musha ring a ding a da, &c.

There was betters to and fro, to see who would win the race, sirs,
And one of the sporting chaps, of course, came up to me, sirs;
Says he, " I'll bet you fifty pounds, and I'll put it down this minute."
"Ah then I ten to one," says I, " the foremost horse will win it."
Musha ring a ding a da, &c.

When the (layers came to town, and a funny set was they,
I paid my | wo thirteens to go and see the play;
They acted kings and cobblers, queens and everything so gayly.
But I found myself at home when they struck up: " Paddy Carey "
Musha ring a ding a da. &c.
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