American Old Time Song Lyrics: 04 Fat Mickey

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 4

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My name it is McDonough, I'm a son of Erin's soil;
At seven n the morning sure, begins my daily toil;
And all the day, through heat and cold, I pick and dig away,
And lay the trap-block pavement, on a street they culls Broadway.
At home I have a family, a wife and three big boys,
They nearly drive me crazy, wid their flghtin and their noise;
There's Roger and Fat Mickey and Big Dan, that makes the three,
But of all the gang Fat Mickey sure he looks the most like me.

Now there's Dan, handsome Dan,
Sure he's the ladies' man,
And Roger, he's the divil wid his dancin' and his noise.
"But of all the boys we've none
So fond of jolly fun
As Mickey, darlin' Mickey, he's the best of all the boys.

He's as broad as he is lengthy, and weighs two hundred pounds;
At atein' or at slapein' sure his like cannot be found.
At snorn, he's the divil; now believe me when I say
You can hear him snore from Tubby hook, across to Dublin bay.
And he can ate his size in mate, or pack the grub below;
At drinkin' Irish whisky sure, egad, he is not slow.
When he comes home at four o'clock, chock full of old benzine,
You can bet your bottom dollar then some lively sights arc seen.
Now there's Dan, handsome Dan, &.

He joined the " Doherty Fusileers," they put him in the squad;
He could not hold a musket so they gave him many a prod;
He could not march into the ranks, bekase he was too fat.
So says the Irish Sarjint, "Mick, I'll bounce you out of that!"
They made him carry the target thin and march up in the rear,
And on the street on Patrick's day you'll see him every year,
He walks along the Boulevard, so proudlv and so gay,
And whin the girls observe him, sure you'll always hear them say:
Now there's Dan, handsome Dan, &c.

They say at Philly-del-phia they're going to have a fair,
And all the curiosities they tell me will be there;
I think I'll take Fat Mickey there, and enter him for style,
I know his fat appear-u-ance will cause 'em all to smile.
And if they give a premium for " lads that are not quick,"
I think he'll get the medal, sure, the boy we call our Mick;
For sure he is no good at all, he niver worked a day.
And if you say a word to him his mammy's sure to say:
Now there's Dan, handsome Dan, &c.
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