American Old Time Song Lyrics: 02 Tiddle A Wink The Barber

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 2

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Tiddle-a-Wink the Barber
Sung by Tony Pastor.

Now Mister Tomkins had a son, who kept a barber's shop.
And ] ®ing queer could not go there, so a note to his son did drop;
Said he old knave, I want a shave, I also really think.
Then is not one shaves like my son, whose name Is Tiddle-a-Wink.
Tiddle-a-Wlnk-Tiddle-a-Wink-Tiddle-a-Wink, the barber,
Tiddle-a-Wink-Tiddle-a-Wink-went to shave his father,
But he made a skip and cut his lip, which made the father roar,
The father knocked poor Tiddle-a-Wink bang upon the floor.
The b lood then flowed from Tomkins' mouth and very soon he found,
Wher i he used to put an ounce of meat there was room to put a pound;
The d xtor he was quickly brought, to sew it up did try.
He lo >ked so queer, they were all in fear, when the doctor said he must die.

Said 1 e, I think this Tiddle-a-Wink has caused his father's death;
Then Tiddle-a-Wink with fear did blink-could scarcely catch his breath :
The | ither died, the son he tried some poison then to take,
But tl ,is they stopp'd and on him dropped, for making this sad mistake.

Next norn before the magistrate poor Tiddle-a-Wink they took.
There his history to relate, and like a leaf he shook;
His sc licitor soon set him free, and the people, they
Askec how the old man met his death; others they would say :
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