American Old Time Song Lyrics: 02 The True Lovers Discussion

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 2

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The True Lovers Discussion

One pleasant evening, as pinks and daisies
Closed in their bosoms a drop of dew,
The feathered warblers, of every species,
gethcr chanted their notes so true.
As I did stray, wrapped in meditation.
It charmed my heart to hear them sing;
The silent orbs of night were just arising,
And the air in concert did sweetly sing.

With Joy transported, each sight I courted;
Whilst gazing 'round with mspective eye,
Two youthful lovers, in conversation
Closely engaged, 1 chanced to spy;
Those couple spoke with such force of reason,
Their sentiments tbey expressed so clear,
And just to listen to their conversation,
My inclination was to draw near.

He pressed her hand and said: "My darling,
Tell me the reason you changed your mind;
Or have I loved you to be degraded,
Tho' youth and innocence are in their prime?
For I am slighted and ill requitted
For all the favors I did bestow­You'll surely tell me, before I leave you,
Why you're inclined now to treat me so."

With great acuteness she made him answer,
Saying; " On your favors I would rely.
But you might contrive to blast my glory,
And our marriage day you might hover by;
Young men, in general, are fickle-minded,
And to trust you I am afraid-
If for your favors I am indebted,
Both stock and interest you shall be paid."

"To blast your glory, love, I ne'er intended,
Nor fickle-minded will I ever be;
As or my debts you can never pay them
But by true love and loyalty-
Remember, darling, our first engagement,
When childish pastime was all we knew-
Be true and constant-I'm thine forever­I'll brave all dangers and go with you."

"Your proffer's good, sir, I thank you for it,
But yet your offers I can't receive;
By soft persuasion and kind endearment
The wiley serpent beguiled Eve­There's other reasons might be assigned:
The highest tide love will ebb and fall-
Another female might suit you better-
Therefore I can't obey your call."

"Yes, I'll admit the tide in motion
Is always moving from shore to shore,

But still its substance is never changing,
Nor never will, till time's no more;
I'll iound your fame with all loyal lovers,
To fix their love on whose mind is pure,
Where no existence can ever change it,
Nor no physician prescribe a cure.'

She says: " Young man, to tell you plainly,
To refrain you I am inclined,
Another young man of birth and fortune
Has gained my favor and changed my mind.
My future welfare I have considered-
On fickle footing I'll never stand;
Besides, my parents would be offended
To see you walking at my right hand."

"What had you, darling, when you were born
What nature gave, love-so had I-
Your haughty parents I do disdain them,
And poor ill-got riches I do deny;
An honest heart, love, is far superior-
Your gold and riches will soon decay;
It's naked we came into this world,
And much the same we'll go away."

I think it's justice, sir, to degrade you,
If that's the course you mean to steer.
By wealth, or feature, or art of nature,
You're not my equal in any line;
Since I conjure you, insist no farther,
For to your wishes I'll not incline."

"To falsify, love, I do deny it,
Your imputation is wrong, I swear;
Like Eve, I find you're a real deceiver'-
Your heart's as full as your face is fair.
For the want of riches you vainly slight me,
And my complexion you do disdain-
Our skin may differ, hut true affection
In black or white is all the same."

"Oh! curb your passion, sir!" she did exclaim,
'' It was not to quarrel I met you here,
But to discourse you in moderation
And a real intention to make appear;
I speak with candor, I will surrender
To what is proper in every way.
If you submit to fair discussion.
And reason's dictates you will obey."

"It's now too late to ask that question,
"When you despise me before my friends­Lebanon's plains, if you could command them,
Are not sufficient to make amends.
There's not a tree in the Persian forest
Retains its color, excepting one:
That is the laurel which I will cherish.
And always carry in my right hand."

"The blooming laurel you may admire,
Because its verdure's always new,
But there's another, you can t deny it,

Is just as bright in the gardener's view;
It's wisely resting throughout the Winter,
And blooms again when the Spring draws near;
The pen of Homer has written its praises,
In June and July it does appear."

"You speak exceedingly, but not corrective.
With words supported, your cause is vain
Had you the tongue of a Syrian Goddess,
Your exhortation I would disdain.
It was your love that I did require,
But since you've placed it ou golden store,
I'll strike my string and my harp shall murmur:
Farewell, my love, for ever more!"

She seemed affected, with eyes distracted,
With loud exclaiming she thus gave way:
"Sir, my denial was but a trial-
You, Gods! be witness to what I say-
I say: my darling, if you don't forgive me,
And quite forget my incredulity,
A single virgin for your sake I'll wander,
While a green leaf grows on yon laurel tree."

So, all young maidens, I pray take warning,
Let love and virtue be still your aim;
No worldly treasure should shield your pleasure
With those whose person you do disdain;
All loyal lovers will then respect you,
And to your memory will heave a sigh-
The blooming rose and ever green laurel
Will mark the spot where your body lies.

From Ballynahinch, about two miles distance,
Where blackbirds whistle and thrushes sing,
With hills surrounding and valleys bounding,
Enchanting prospect all in the Spring;
Where female beauty is never wanting,
The lonely stranger a refuge find-
Near Maria Tenpenny, if you require,
You'll find the author of those simple lines.
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