American Old Time Song Lyrics: 02 Cod Liver Oil

Theater, Music-Hall, Nostalgic, Irish & Historic Old Songs, Volume 2

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Sung by Johnny Roach.

I'm a poor married man, And wretched is my life;
Six years I've been married to a very sick wife;
From morning till night she docs nothing but sigh,
And the neighbors all said she was going to die.
A young friend of mine called on me, one day,
And saw that my wife she was pining away;
He very soon told me how she would get strong
By drinking an oil made by Doctor De John.

Oh! Doctor De John! oh! Doctor de John!
Your cod liver oil is so pure and so 9trong;
I think on my life I'll be under the soil,
If my wife keeps on drinking your cod liver oil.

I bought her a bottle, which gave her delight,
And soon the contents she put out of sight;
I bought her a dozen, which vanished the same,
Till I thought she'd take cod liver oil on the brain.
'Twas then that I noticed, with wonder and doubt,
My wife she was getting most wonderfully stout,
And when she got stout, of course she got strong,
'Till I own I was jealous of Doctor De John.
Oh! Doctor De John! oh! Doctor, &c.

We courted and cooed like two turtle doves,
But lately my wife she's brought home boxing gloves,
And if I do not keep as quiet as a mouse,
It's round after round I'm sent 'round the house.
'Twas only last night, the servant, named Janes,
Says, "Master, your Missis has brought you home twins."
For two more blessed babies I'll now have to toil;
Oil! how I wish she'd stop drinking his cod liver oil!
Oh! Doctor De John! oh! Doctor, &c.

Our own little Billy, he's getting so fat-
All day like a porpoise he rolls on the mat,
And even the cat has a new coat of silk.
For my wife says that oil is much better than milk.
I can't get a bit cooked, do just what I like,
She's turned against cooking, and is gone on a strike,
And even the kettle, when it begins for to boil,
You'd swear it was singing out cod liver oil.
Oh! Doctor De John! oh! Doctor, &c.

Oh! Doctor De John! who taught you the art
Of making cod liver oil to break a man's heart?
For if she continues, you shortly will see
Your cod liver will make a short liver of me.
My house it resembles a big doctor shop:
It's filled with your bottles from bottom to top,
And when my wife's dead, and she's under the soil,
I'll write on her tombstone-" Here lies Cod Liver Oil."
Oh! Doctor De John! oh! Doctor, &c.
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