Franklin Square Song Collection - online songbook.

200 favourite traditional Songs and Hymns for Schools, Homes, Nursery
& Fireside - Lyrics & Sheet Music.
Arranged, in four parts, for solo, duet, trio, or quartet.

By BY J. P. McCASKEY, Circa 1884

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Franklin Songs Collection About This Book
A collection of good things brought together, with reading matter, pertinent and suggestive, sandwiched between—the singer or reader taking what he finds " for better, for worse." There is no space lost or wasted anywhere, unless, indeed, matter of no value has at times found place here, which we trust will not be the verdict. That the book may be as useful and as satisfactory as possible, the selections are arranged, w!th few exceptions, in four parts, so that they can be sung or played in solo, duet, trio, or quartette, according to circumstances, or as may be preferred for voices or instruments. Some, of course, are best as solos, others in two, three, or four parts, or in the full-voiced harmony of the great chorus. Special acknowledgments are made to Publishers and others for copyright privileges and numerous favours. To Prof. Carl Matz, who verifies the saying, " When you find a Prussian you find a man," the Compiler cannot express too heartily his sense of personal obligation. Endowed with the divine gift of harmony in an extraordinary degree, possessed of exquisite taste, and a power of memory in music that is phenomenal, to this he has superadded the rigid training of the best schools of music in the world. He is a graduate of the first rank from the famous Seminary of Kcepenick, near Berlin, where for the third year of the course, (1866), under Rudolph Lange, he was leader of the grand orchestra and of the chorus of a hundred voices, having been chosen conductor by vote of the students of music in recognition of his eminent ability. He was then, for a year, connected with the Stern Institute, the Royal Conservatory of Berlin, after which he had charge of one of the finest organs in Germany for upwards of two years before coming to America. Since that time he has led a very busy life as con­ductor and organist, choir instructor, and teacher of music in public and private schools. Thus much in evidence that the harmony here found is approved by, or is from the hand of, a master. All persons who enjoy music have their favourite Songs and Hymns, and some into whose hands this Collection may fall, would be pleased to find such favourites here. It they will address the Compiler, in care of the Publishers, suggesting the names of such old pieces as they remember pleasantly, send­ing copies of the same or stating where they may be found, they will be carefully considered, and the merits of the book as a Popular Collection will be much enhanced.

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