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Up an Waun Them a Jamie

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Up an Waun Them a Jamie

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Up an Waun Them a Jamie
(Robert Burns)

The Laddies by the banks o Nith
   Wad trust his Grace wi a' Jamie;
But he'll sair them, as he sair'd the King-
   Turn tail and rin awa, Jamie.

ch.  Up and waun them a'Jamie,
       Up and waun them a'!
     The Johnstones hae the guidin o't:
        Ye turncoat Whigs, awa!

The day he stude his eountry's friend,
   Or gied her faes a claw, Jamie,
Or frae puir man a blessin wan-
   That day the Duke ne'er saw, Jamie.

But wha is he, his country's boast?
   Like him there is na twa, Jamie!
There's no a callant tents the kye,
   But kens o Westerha', Jamie.

To end the wark, here's Whistlebirk-
   Lang may his whistle blae, Jamie!
And Maxwell true, o sterling blue;
   And we'll be Johnstones a', Jamie.
second version -

As I cam doon the banks o' Nith
  And by Glenriddell's ha', man,
There I heard a piper play
  Turn-coat Whigs awa; man.

Drumlanrig's towers hae tint the powers
  That kept the lands in awe, man:
The eagle's dead, and in his stead
  We've gotten a hoodie-craw, man.

The turn-coat Duke his King forsook,,
  When his back was at the wa', man:
The rattan ran wi'a'his clan
  For fear the house should fa', man.

The lads about the banks o' Nith,
  They trust his Grace for a', man:
But he'll sair them as he sair't his King,
  Turn tail and rin awa, man.

tune:Up and waur them a', Willie (212)
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